# What is damocles?

damocles is the next generation venus-sealer, which offers a configurable, expandable and customizable storage power solution for the Filecoin storage providers.

# Features

# Complete revamp of existing job scheduling

Managing sealing pipeline traditionally not only requires extensive knowledge across sealing mechanism and hardware specifications, but also demand a lot of devOps attentions for maintenance and troubleshooting. By allowing damocles-workers to change the state machine of a sealing sector, instead of having an active and centralized job scheduling model, damocles-cluster introduced a new model that worker itself actively grabs new tasks.

# Horizontal scaling of your workers

With extensive configurations damocles supports to optimize your setups, a storage provider can easily take the config file of one worker and apply it to another worker with same hardware specification. Thus enabling ultra fast expansion of a storage provider’s sealing capacity.

# Decoupling of Post workers

damocles supports worker machines to be setup as dedicated Post workers, relieve the headache that sealing tasks may compete resources with essential post tasks.

# Pooling of worker resources

Thanks to the new scheduling model, storage power services (sealing pipeline and Post workers) by damocles can be used to serve multiple nodes (miner_id). The pooling of workers essentially allows storage providers more flexibility in their deployment and saves hardware resources and operation overhead.

# Customized sealing tasks

If storage provider has extensive background in optimizing a particular phase of sealing task, maintaining a forked reference implementation of Filecoin is no longer as damocles allows your custom code to be plugged into the sealing pipeline directly through simple configuration.

Last Updated: 10/25/2023, 2:23:19 AM